Ruth and 'Sizzle'
Jan and 'April'
About Us
Balgaire is a modest hobby kennel situated on the beautiful Kitsap Peninsula
in Washington State. Its owner, Ruth Lerda, was originally involved with
Pembroke Welsh Corgis and Shetland Sheepdogs.  She first exhibited in
1968 in obedience and then in the early 70s in the breed ring. Teaming up
with Janice Stanton of Sesame Shetland Sheepdogs in 1986, together they
produced 10 Corgi and 8 Sheltie champions.

In 1993 a 2 year-old imported Cavalier came into their lives and changed
everything. Cavaliers are the only breed at Balgaire today.  They have
finished more than 20 Cavaliers to their championships. They breed
selectively and typically produce no more than 4 litters a year.  They breed
all four colors of Cavalier.

Balgaire’s focus is to produce sound Cavaliers in health, temperament and
structure. All breeding stock is health tested for heart, hips, patellas and
eye anomalies.